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    New Blog is live and not here...

    I have finally launched my new blog. We are working on grandfathering in this current RSS feed to work with the new blog which will happen soon.

    Until then, please visit the new blog here

    There are lots of new posts!



    Amy & Alex // Pre- Release

    Next up in last weekend's double (Friday and Saturday) were Amy & Alex. Also at the vintage modern venue, The Oklahoma Heritage Museum. There are so many details and great parts to this story. I can wait to share a full post asap!

    Enjoy these for now.

    Pssst....new blog is coming soon. This will hopefully be the last post on this 3 year old blogger.

    Sandip & Alison // Pre-Release

    I kicked off the busy wedding season on Friday with a really sweet wedding for Sandip & Alison. These two are such a cool couple and even live right near my gallery in Mesta Park. (we LOVE that neighborhood) The Oklahoma Heritage Museum is also in neighboring Heritage Hills and is a gorgeous venue.

    Here is a preview of a couple images l liked while starting to edit today.


    Anthony David Agency | Model Shoot

    I am reposting this on top so for models from AD Agency Casting call 4/27.
    Model Portfolio Photography Pricing | Click Here
    More Model/ Fashion Photography | Click Here

    We had three of Anthony David Agency's new models in for a mini portfolio shoot last month and here are the goods.

    There are several more great shots to come sometime soon but these are their choices to add to their respective portfolios.
    We were shooting for two different looks so we did a stylin headshot type look and a creative personality look.

    Heather Rouba, (Mrs Oklahoma 2009) has been coordinating the shoots and coaching the models as the new agency director. She has some amazing talent herself and in who she is working with.
    (see some images of her in the previous fashion/ modeling post below)





    My portfolio site is experiencing problems

    Sorry but my main portfolio site is down currently. It seems to be a problem with the hosting company. We are working on it but you can access tons of images here on the blog. Previous posts and archives are on the right..

    Thanks! :)

    UPDATE: My hosting company got it fixed. Thanks for your patience. S

    So, did you find any thing fun in the blog archives?


    WPPI International Print Competition // Award of Excellence

    I entered the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Print Competition this year for the first time. It is fascinating to me to see the work and image captures of the worlds best photographers and also the worlds best and most interesting events. I mainly did it just to learn and gleen what I could from the judging process. It is great in a way because they have the highest standards for every angle of the print: technical photography (exposure, composition, post editing), creative (originality, interest and aesthetics) and not only that but also print and presentation quality (an entire art in itself). And it is all judged dispassionately so really good to hear comments like Simon would give them ;)

    So there were 3500 + prints from I think 30+ countries. They judge for 2 days and then put prints that score high enough on display. Ill be honest, at first I thought, well geeze, these are all great, they should at least get the "Excellent" rating. But when I saw the standard of images that it took to get to that, I began to think, wow, maybe none of mine will make it. So, (full disclosure here) I walked quickly through the gallery the first time hoping at least one made it. Well it was exciting that I actually had two. They are the first two below. So thank you to Poonam and her mother for providing the soulfull, authentic moment for the first one. And to Rochelle for the beautiful and stylish moment for the second.

    It was actually very satisfying that the two that scored the highest for me were artistic photojournalism. That is definitely my passion and what I feel I see the most when shooting.

    Images shown as matted for the competition. (Credits below)

    "Mixed Emotions" Award of Excellence Winner

    Comment on this one: This was at the end of the third day of an Indian wedding that the couple was intensely involved in all the various ceremonies and events all day on all three. SOOO many moments and emotions. At the end there is what is called a "Crying Ceremony" in which (according to tradition) the brides family mourns the bride leaving home. In modern times, the bride either opts out or just entertains the tradition but with out the emotion maybe of years past. (we have skype now ya know). In this case, that happened but afterwards, the bride was really leaving Houston to be with her new husband in Detroit. (are the goosebumps coming yet?) So this is really her saying good bye to her mother and the real emotion began to flow. Tears and long hugs and a lot of "I love you's" followed along with more moments with the bride and her dad and even the groom and the bride's dad. That is why I love being there till the very end and never thinking that the 6327th photo is unimportant.

    "Showtime" Award of Excellence Winner

    "Fall Girl"

    "Occupational Hazard"

    "So Happy Together"

    "Wedding Crashers"

    "Let's Play 500"

    "The Veil of the Soul"

    Competition Printed by Red River Photo (Thanks Leighton)
    Matted by Denton Framing on all 8-ply Museum RagMat in black or white

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    Album Style // Leather Craftsmen

    Album Design season has been in full swing since late fall when weddings wrapped up and we have been so excited to deliver many finished products into our clients living rooms. To me, this is really the culmination of all our work from planning to shooting, then editing and working meticulously with clients to get the perfect album. (This is where we spend way more than half the work in a wedding) Without this finished product, I really think people would miss out on such a tangible, quality work of art that is available from their portraits and event photos.

    This is just one of the many we have produced that we recently delivered and I wanted to show you one of my favorite new styles in both cover choice and design. The cover is Japanese Book Cloth in black. names are blind embossed in the cover with a flush inset photo welcoming a viewer into the album. Our designs are intended to be modern and stylish yet timeless. The last thing we would want is for you to love it today and get tired of the layout with any trendy gimmicks that will soon tire. I really believe the quality of the construction and style of design is an integral part of the whole package!

    The construction of these books, by Leather Craftsmen, is literally top of the line. I go every year to an international trade show and while I love to explore other options and do add other companies to the line of available products, I always am impressed with the enduring quality and even the updated options that LC offers. And my clients sincerely have loved them.


    Red primesteak // Event Space Opening

    I had the priveledge of photographing the opening of Red primesteak's event space opening tonight and the event was ultra stylish.
    Heather and Keith Paul, the owners, and the catering and event manager, Kindt Myers, showed us what it would feel like to have a party inside a champagne glass with the amber bubble lighting (awesome idea huh?) (IES Events Lighting). (BTW, besides being some of the best in the business, these are some of my favorite people to work with regularly throughout the year at some of Oklahoma's premier events!)

    Here is a quick preview. Many more photos to come!

    The Prime Event Professionals who made it happen:
    Red primesteak
    Cheevers Catering
    Market C Catering
    Iron Starr Catering
    Tony Foss Floral
    Cafe Evoke Coffee Catering
    Ideas In Ice

    More coming soon...


    Oklahoma City Skirvin Wedding // Lindsay & Mike // 12.19.09

    Venue: The Skirvin Hilton Hotel
    Coordinator: Judy Lehmbeck
    Cake: Amy Cakes

    This was an awesome moment. Mike said "I have played in OU football games before 75,000 people, been before a national audience and lots of other high pressure situations, and I never got emotional. When I saw her coming down the stairs, I just lost it!"

    The Ladies man here is Mike's dad, Heisman Trophy winner, Steven Owens. The ladies are his granddaughters, her friends and his dancin' machine wife!! Ha! They were the life of the dance party!